Our Journal

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A world where “time spent in nature” is a wellness measure on your fitbit.

Our Purpose.

To create individual harmony by connecting people with nature, and with others.

“Many people want to “protect” nature from the humans. That is not what we’re doing here. We are an extension of nature, just as nature is an extension of us, and when people experience this, it produces an individual harmony that we believe will ultimately lead us to a better world — not just protect nature.


Build a scalable & sustainable outdoor resort model in WNC, experimenting with new builds, systems, unique land features, and native activites.


Expand into larger tracts of land where we manage our own conservation areas that guests can interact with, in 3 more locations. Expand our marketing internationally.


Take the concept to a national level, bringing an outdoor community and unique culture to every beautiful natural area in the country. Spreading our message of balance as our lives become increasingly digital.

Business with love.

Starting with our home in North Carolina.

In one of the most underrated mountainous regions in the US.


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