Our Values

The three non-negotiables that describe our people and guide our decision-making every day.

Honest Communication

Tell it like it is. Be frank. We believe in straightforward and honest communication  both with yourself and with everyone around you. 

Engaging in deception is rarely where we fail to uphold this value. It is more often that we leave out information and spin facts in a misleading way in order to maintain control over a situation or defend ourselves. This can be equally as destructive.

Personal Responsibility

Explain how it could be your fault. The first step to succeeding both individually, and together, is to accept responsibility for your circumstance. You are in control of your life. Your results, your successes, and your failures are no one’s fault but your own.

If you choose to blame others, you will spend your whole life defending yourself. When you choose to take responsibility, those around you will follow.

Teachable Spirit

Be aware of your own fallibility. Maintain the insatiable desire to learn, grow, and seek knowledge. Receive feedback as openly as you give it. Consciously and consistently seek to build your skills and improve things around you.

Strive to be the 80 year old soul that can still ponder the questions of a child.

Feel alive in nature.