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Hiring "The Designer"

Company Background:

Outercamp is an outdoor hospitality brand in Western North Carolina, an experimental sister of Tailwind Short Term Rentals, that develops and manages nature-focused outdoor resorts with the goal of expanding access to outdoor experiences and helping people find harmony in nature.

Our Values: 

  1. Honest Communication
  2. Personal Responsibility
  3. Teachable Spirit

Job Description:

Hello designers !

We are hiring an interior designer who will take responsibility in curating the interiors of our glamping structures for our 60-acre outdoor retreat near the Blue Ridge Parkway. The 60-acres is within 15 min of three waterfall hikes and has over ½ mile of well-established road, an old cabin, two gushing natural springs, big mountain views, and a 20-foot waterfall itself. The Blue Ridge Parkway property is our first acquisition with 2 more extraordinary properties in the pipeline.

The current project consists of designing the interiors of (5) open floor plan ~300 sqft dwellings (no structural walls). Domes, yurts, and tiny cabins that need furniture, accents, art pieces, rugs, etc. They will have small kitchen areas, but will be mostly bedroom and living area.

The design goal is to create a minimal, “hand-crafted”, and balanced space that creates a warm feeling of comfortable convivality. Being that the spaces are circular in nature, we wish to work with the circular shape in the traditional eastern way as opposed to against it. For a theme, we’ve been inspired by “a modern gateway to the mountains, rooted in timeless natural beauty,” as stolen from the new AVL Airport design team, but we remain open to the creative touch of the designer!

How the job will work is that we will walk you through the dwellings, show you the space to get a feel for it, and send you drawings with basic measurements. We will then give you a budget and have you to purchase the necessary design pieces such as dining table, room divider, duvet covers, accent pillows, art pieces, area rugs, accessories, curtains, etc. After ordering the design pieces, you’ll have to bring them to the property and set them up (our handyman can help with using tools or moving furniture if needed). You will also unbox the standard items such as the cookware, plates, cups, bedding, etc and set those items up throughout the dwellings in a pleasing way. This will allow you full control on how you want the room to look. If you want the bed to be moved or the desk to be rearranged we can move everything how you see fit!

Compensation:  $400 per dwelling. As we continue to grow, this job could lead to a full time role but for now will be part-time contract work.

If interested, submit an application below. If you have questions, feel free to email them to