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Hiring "The Intern"

Company Background:

Outercamp is an outdoor hospitality brand in Western North Carolina, an experimental sister of Tailwind Short Term Rentals, that develops and manages nature-focused outdoor resorts with the goal of expanding access to outdoor experiences and helping people find harmony in nature.

Our Values: 

  1. Honest Communication
  2. Personal Responsibility
  3. Teachable Spirit

Job Description:

We are hiring motivated students who will take on projects in an area of our business that mosts interests them. This is including but not limited to Social Media Management, Content Creation, Video Production & Editing, Land Acquisitions, Local Outreach & Partnerships, Lender Relations, Advertisement, Operations, Guest Experiences, & Carpentry. In return, you will receive mentorship in business and in life from Outercamp’s founder.

We are building our second real estate & hospitality business, which is an experimental branch of our first million-dollar Airbnb startup. Outercamp is a network of sustainable tiny home campgrounds and a hub for outdoor adventure that calls North Carolina its’ home. We will be hosting private lessons, connecting you with industry experts, and building you a plan to buy your first investment property. You will be utilizing new skills along with your existing expertise to help us develop & launch this new real estate startup. Most work will be done remotely on a weekly basis, but we will work together intermittently in-person as well (either Raleigh or Asheville).

Available Spring and Summer 2022 (opportunity for part-time paid employment in Summer 2022). If you’re still worried about your resume when you leave, this experience will make you stand out from the pack and give you real applicable skills that will allow you to thrive in any job role.

~ ~ Who are you? ~ ~

  – You are a well-rounded, resourceful individual with a diverse skillset.
  – You envision starting a business and working for yourself.
  – You love challenges and learning new things.
  – You love the outdoors and think more people could benefit from it.
  – The power of real estate excites you.

The business skills you will learn include, but are not limited to:
  – Real estate
  – Finance & Debt
  – Cold calling
  – Raising private capital
  – Airbnb
  – Land development
  – Operations management
  – Leadership & Personal development
  – Productivity

~ ~ Who are we? ~ ~

Our Principles:
  1. Think bigger. Anything is possible.
  2. Leave it better. Make things worth more around you. The world improves in small increments.
  3. Listen first. There is something to learn from everyone.
  4. Lift others. They will lift you.
  5. Do what you say. Say what you think. Align your thoughts, words, and actions.
  6. Take risks. The reward is usually exponential.
  7. Life is play. Have fun with it. It’s your choice whether you laugh or tremble in the face of difficulties.
  8. Practice gratitude. Everyday is an opportunity to make something happen.

In 10 years, Outercamp will have a unique place to stay and experience the outdoors in every beautiful natural area of the Eastern United States. Outercamp is building a network of outdoor communities expanding outdoor access in the East and connecting people with nature. The first camp will open in Q1 2022.

Come build the future with us.

 Mentorship, exposure to real world business challenges, & experience in your prospective field.

If interested, submit an application below. If you have questions, feel free to email them to